easy summer skirt

Summer Drawstring Skirt

drawstring skirtThe easy summer skirt, pick a few of your favorite cotton fabrics- no pattern necessary and let’s get started.

fabric piecesBecause this skirt was a woman’s size, I used as narrow a width of fabric as I could (A few inches beyond hip size) to keep the fit close and less bulky. The top fabric (pictured) measures 8 inches (21 cm) by 37 inches (94 cm) long. The green flower print measures 17 inches (43 cm) tall by 47 inches (119 cm) wide.

serge edges of fabricFinish all edges with a serger or a zig zag stitch on your sewing machine. Sew (or serge) the center back seam together (closed).

making dartsOptional: Add darts along the top back of the skirt, one on either side of the center seam. The darts pictured above are about 1 inch (2.54 cm) wide and 6 inches (7.6 cm) long. There are both 4 inches (10 cm) out on either side of the center back seam. Darts will just take away some of the bulk from the gathered waist and make skirts fit better if you have junk in the trunk.

making a gathered waistStarting at the center back seam, baste a seam along the top of the lower fabric panel (green flowers), pull the thread to gather the edge until it matches the width of the upper fabric (red & white). Starting at the center back seam and with a regular stitch length, sew the two fabrics together. Adjust the gather as you go.

turn and pressTurn and press the seam up. Iron and top stitch into place.

making pocketsTo make pockets: 1. Cut the pocket size you prefer, these are 7 inches (18 cm) by 6 inches (15.24 cm). With an iron, press all of the edges, turn twice for the top edge (pocket opening) and sew across the top edge of both pockets. 2. Place the pockets where you would like them. 3. Pin them into place along the top and the bottom sides.  4. Sew into place along the sides and edges, reinforcing at the beginning and end.

drawstring waistTo make the waistband: 1. On the center front, sew two small button holes about an inch (2.54 cm) from the edge and slit them open (easiest with a seam ripper). 2. Turn the waistband over and press down the width of an inch, sew into place along the bottom edge. 3. Measure the length of the drawstring to be a few inches longer than the full width of the fabric. 4. With a small safety pin for grabbing, work the drawstring all the way around the skirt. Into one buttonhole and out the other. Knot the ends of the drawstring to keep it from getting pulled back into the sleeve.

butterfly ribbonFinish the bottom hem by stitching over a narrow, double folded edge. If you like, add ribbon, lace, rick rack or other trim to the bottom of the skirt to tie it all together.

A back view too:

gathered skirt back view

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