Making a Wald bicycle basket bag

 Custom bicycle basket bag
New tutorial on YouTube!

Learn how to make your own bicycle basket bag on my channel! I recently found this cute 1980’s Schwinn Collegiate cruiser bike at the local thrift store. With some new tires, oil on the chain and a new Wald 137 basket on the front, I was ready to cruise!

Blue womens Schwinn Collegiate cruiser bike, circa 1982, Wald basket

While very functional, it quickly became evident I needed some sort of bag to fit into my basket, my goods were bouncing out every time I hit a bump.

Making a bag to fit my bike basket

Make a bike basket bag of your own.

Watch the full tutorial on how to make a bicycle basket bag to fit your basket- no matter the brand. In the video I go through the step by step process of measuring, designing, creating a pattern and sewing a bag for a Wald 137 standard bicycle basket. My Wald basket measures 15 x 10 x 4.8 inches, but this pattern can be adapted for any basket.

Very expandable bag aspect, 4 internal pockets
How to make zipper pockets, and an easy drawstring closure for your bike bag included in the tutorial.

In the bicycle basket bag there are internal pockets, with and without zippers. I cover the easiest, best way to sew a pocket with a zipper closure.

Leather straps for carrying while not on the bike.
Perfect bag for a bicycle cruise to your local farmers market for some fresh veggies.

A drawstring closure and a significant amount of expansion in the design of this bike bag allows for the safe carrying of many items without the fear of your goods falling out when the road gets bumpy.

When not expanded, the extra fabric can be tucked into the bag and kept out of the way.
Easy carrying straps for walking around with the bag over your shoulder.

The fabrics I use are upcycled vinyl and heavyweight cottons leftover from previous projects throughout the years. The floral fabric on the expandable part of the bag is a vintage cotton from an old set of drapes I found a thrift store a while back. Their slight faded quality just adds extra character and adventurousness to the bag.

Tuck the straps and drawstring into the top and you're ready to roll.

This bicycle basket bag is designed to be collapsed and then expanded to accommodate trips to the farmers market, grocery store or your favorite take out joint.

An easy bag to carry or ride with in the basket.

The leather straps are long enough to allow wearing the bag over your shoulder when walking around carrying it and the bag is not in the basket.

Drawstring closure keeps your goods safely inside, on or off the bike.

Noelle O Designs is on YouTube!

Noelle O Designs

Hello friends, I’ve been working on a new project this year that I’m very excited to share! It’s a YouTube channel created to inspire creativity and eco friendly ideas on how to fix and reuse what you already have. Check it out and subscribe! What would you like to learn how to make or fix?

My mission is making and up cycling garments and goods, mostly through sewing but occasionally other formats. I love practicing creative thinking and doing when faced with the challenges of living in a modern, disposable world. Let’s learn how to fix and repurpose quality items we already own. Avoid purchasing full retail by thrifting and lessen our environmental impact. Learn lifelong creative practices to practice and share. Live simply so others can simply live.

corrugated metal fence

corrugated metal fence update part 4

corrugated metal fenceHello everyone, here’s a corrugated metal fence update, built in 2013, aging and holding up well into 2018. The front of the fence includes tin ceiling tiles (purchased new and painted) and corrugated steel cut to fit into the fence in squares. Corrugated metal makes up the other three sides, the entire fence has redwood posts and rails.
corrugated metal fenceThe aging process is fun to watch, water in the form of rain, snow and sprinklers has brought out the rust in pleasing ways.

corrugated metal fence

corrugated metal fence

backyard shipping containerA skate ramp was added, just inside the gate, covering up one of the gate doors.
corrugated metal fence
metal ceiling tile fenceIn any spot where paint chipped off the ceiling tiles, the rusting process began immediately (see above picture).  I like the rusty, aged look.
corrugated metal fenceTin ceiling tiles began to rust immediately, the corrugated steel has taken much longer. It’s barely rusted at all in areas where very little water hits the fence.
The wood has been stained 3 times over the years, at the rate of about every other year. If you looks closely, you can see where the metal close to the wood is less rusty and has been protected by the stain applied hurriedly by indentured, distracted, yet hard working teens.
corrugated metal fenceI’ve always planned to make a tiny door for this opening within the big gate. It’s been low priority since we don’t have an animals that need to be contained, and as you can see-  it’s still yet to be built.
metal ceiling tile fence After the gates were trashed in a wind storm (heavy winds happen frequently) I added the metal strapping to the backside of the gates. Best idea ever. The strapping saved the day, the gates are holding up great now. The only weathering or warping is happening with the wooden elements.  We don’t open the gates very often (2-3 times a summer) which probably helps keep them strong. When the gates are open, for as short a time as possible, we prop them up on blocks to support them on the sloping driveway.
backyard shipping containerA shipping container in the side yard for storage, hanging out or both. It goes well with the metal fence surrounding it.  The aesthetic and the extra space is nice.
corrugated metal fence
<a href="" rel="attachment wp-att-9853"><img class="aligncenter size-large wp-image-9853" src="" alt="backyard shipping container" width="625" height="469" /></a>We put a shipping container in the side yard for storage, hanging out or both. It goes well with the metal fence surrounding it. We love the aesthetic and the extra space.
corrugated metal fenceA wooden pergola sits in the other corner of the yard. Originally, a beautiful mountain view was available in this corner but a neighboring house went in and blocked the view. The new house also blocks the strong winds that come from that direction. And the neighbors are great, so we’ll take the trade off.
corrugated metal fencecorrugated metal fence
corrugated metal fenceThe metal has been exposed to the elements for 5 years yet very little rust shows in the areas not directly hit by the sprinklers, like this pergola corner.
corrugated metal fenceThe gravel path leads to the garden area on the south side of the house.
corrugated metal fenceOn the south side of the house are the raised beds garden spot. Corrugated plastic panels on two sections help let more light in.
corrugated metal fenceAs you can see, the non-painted sides of the tiles are very rusted. It will eventually rust through, much quicker (maybe 10 years)  than the corrugated metal (maybe 100 years). The galvanized metal hardware is still looking good.
corrugated metal fenceI felt skeptical about this corrugated plastic. Nightmares of the plastic turning yellow and breaking swirled in my memories. But as much sunlight as possible in the garden area is essential. This area of the yard is invisible to both our neighbors and ourselves, no one spends time or is worried about this side. As a result, we went with the clear, corrugated plastic. As you can see, no yellow, no breaks and the garden grows well- I would do it again!
corrugated metal fenceThe tin ceiling tiles have an extra flange on all sides, this worked out well, I bent them in on all sides and screwed right through the flange into the wood to hold the tiles in place. Tin tiles are easy to cut and bend for fitting in smaller areas.
corrugated metal fenceThe view from the front of the house, on the garden side, the only real wear is with the wood elements. Even with the treated redwood I hand-selected, the wood still warped and twisted, that’s the nature of wood. As a result, we wedged a 2 x 4 above the gate to keep the post on the right to keep from bending in, the wedged piece of wood has never fallen out.

corrugated metal fence corrugated metal fence corrugated metal fence

To view the building of the fence in 2013- Part 1.

To view the 2014 fence update- Part 2.

To view the 2015 fence update- Part 3.