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pieced patch pocket tutorial
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How To Sew Pieced Patch Pockets

pieced patch pocket tutorial

This fun, quick patch pockets project is an easy sewing tutorial. It works for any sewing project that might need some color and details worked into the design. When making a basic gray linen apron, I decided to add just a bit of color. I used upcycled or recycled colorful linen scraps. This was easy because I’ve been hanging onto a ton of them waiting for a project just like this.

This cross back apron design is my favorite apron design. Comfortable enough to be worn all day, it’s a favorite among artists and chefs. The lack of pressure or pulling on or around your neck makes it great for longterm wearing. Follow along my video to learn how to sew a pieced patch pocket- *with a bit of flair.

linen apron, patch pockets

I don’t know about you, but color is an integral aspect of my life and seems to directly affect my happiness. So the plain apron, with plain pockets just wasn’t cutting it for me.

linen patch pockets

Making Patch Pockets

Color doesn’t have to be overwhelming, but just a pop of color can make something memorable and get the endorphins flowing.

linen fabric scraps

As a maker, upcycling and using every scrap of fabric is key. No matter the size, is part of my everyday routine as I design and create. Let’s use up what we already have!

linen patch pocket
making a patch pocket

Side Note:

It’s not necessary to serger the seams. But in the case of a pocket and the wear and tear involved, I decided the extra sturdiness was a good idea.

how to customize a patch pocket

Use this quick project to jazz up an existing apron or personalize a homemade apron. Or forget the apron and add a pieced pocket onto pants, a skirt. Because everything needs a bit of color. Patch pockets are easy to make, and easy to sew into place.

Check out this other Upcycled Denim Wall Organizer project for other great fabric recycling ideas!

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