cartoon dresser

cartoon dresser
The designers, Richard Woods and Sebastian Wrong were featured in the Men’s Fall Fashion section of the times- their design looks like a cartoon dresser and I can’t stop loving it. (That’s why we only get the Sunday paper- it takes me a full week to comb through it.) Anyway, I loved stumbling across Richard Woods and Sebastian Wrong’s ‘wrongwood’ dresser, it is so fabulous. I would love to have one, it also comes in orangy colors too.

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  1. Christina Cummings

    I love checking your blog and seeing what you and the kids are up to. Its a beautiful added bonus to see we’re turned on by similar design. That Richard Woods dresser is from one of my favs, Apartment Therapy. Such a great site. You’re so dialed in Noelle. Man, I wish we were hang out buddies not distant cousins.


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