a few more fans- make your own Hunger Games shirt

With the few hours leading up to the Hunger Games premiere last night- these ladies picked up a bunch of Walmart tees and let crafty take over.

I was very impressed with the results- even a little spray glitter for the final layer. These shirts were made much like in the previous post. A printout of the mocking jay symbol and lettering was created then cut out with a exacto knife. It was then taped to the shirt and lightly spray painted over. The paint will hold up in the wash- you might want to wash it with all dark colors the first time around- just to be safe.

A few more stencil options-

4 thoughts on “a few more fans- make your own Hunger Games shirt

  1. Verbose

    Thank you so much for posting up the stencils!! I’m having a Hunger Games themed birthday party and the stencils are SUPER helpful for the decorating. Could you maybe up the the website for other district stencils? That would be awesome 🙂


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