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Halloween costume gallery
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Halloween Costume Gallery: Day 4

Halloween Costume Gallery

Halloween Costume Gallery, Day 4: A little Eskimo girl, a Husky Dog and a young Bride.

The bride is looking a little bugged in this picture, ready to trick or treat, I’d wager.

Halloween Costume Gallery husky costume

What’s not to love about the dog unwrapping candy moment?
The Siberian Husky dog costume was furry, fun and created in likeness to our beloved husky “the prince of dogness” who ran our lives for 10 years (and is now in dog heaven) and who is perhaps the first and last dog I’ll ever truly love (yeah, it was crazy like that).

Halloween Costume Gallery Eskimo bride

The Eskimo girl here, bribed with candy to pose for a picture (I’m seeing a theme in all my pictures…) was supposed to sit in her baby jogger stroller with the real Husky in his harness pulling the ‘sled’– you’d think I’d have a picture of that but alas, I don’t. Pre-digital pictures were hard, people- you had to do stuff like get them developed, pay for each and every picture, even the bad ones and wait to see the final product.
and child Bride…about 3rd grade, what more can I say?

Halloween Costume Gallery siberian husky costume

We still have the dog costume, not as funny these days without the living canine likeness walking alongside you. But I can’t bear to part with it, dogs… they’ll do that to you.

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