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garland ideas

If you’ve hung around here at all you’ll know by now I’m way into banners… garlands… buntings- whatever you want to call them. I decided long ago they’re definitely for everyday use and not just special events since they make every space just a bit more fancy. Here are a few great garland ideas to puzzle over- if you’re not yet convinced- a Valentine garland ready-to-go on Etsy and a super easy tutorial if you’d like to try your hand at making one for yourself.

valentine garlandHere’s one of the Valentine garlands I’ve been making, really just a very girly pink and red bit of flair with an emphasis on L-O-V-E.

spring garlandA shot of my entry way. I switch this garland out seasonally, but there’s always something draped in this spot. The ceramic birds holding the flowers is from a yard sale, complete with a special message to someone else on the back in Sharpie. It fell off the wall awhile back and shattered into about 23 pieces. I painstakingly glued it back together because I love it so much, just don’t gaze at it too closely!

bv3Here’s a close up of the Valentine fabrics banner available in my Etsy shop.

make your own valentines

Occasionally, but definitely not every year, we decide to make our own valentines for the kids school classes. This can be daunting, considering 4 kids x 29 or so classmates. So we turned to the rubber stamp collection and a few other tools we had on hand.
This is a good time to let the kids go crazy, there’s no right or wrong way to do it. Valentine making is an art not a science.

Materials: rubber stamps, paint markers (our new family favorite), card stock, some spray glitter and not much else and made up some Valentines this year in lieu of another trip to the store. The fun part was watching the kids and their friends crack each other up with silly sayings, or dare each other to put “kiss me” on valentines for classmates.

Everyone who has walked through the front door this week, adults and kids alike, has sat down to make a least one Valentine, giving me another reason to smile.

One of my favorite stamps, you can say so much, keep it anonymous (no tell-tale conspicuous handwriting to secret admirers), save time not having to stamp out each letter. I would recommend one of these for every rubber stamp collection.

When we were all done stamping and coloring we laid all of the Valentines side by side and sprayed a glitter layer over all of them. This was really key in finishing it off- it’s got to sparkle!

What handmade techniques have worked for you and yours?