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How To Sew A Box Cushion Cover

Who has always wanted to learn how to sew a box cushion cover? As a seamstress, I feel it is an essential skill to have in your repertoire. There are a lifetime of applications with this skill. Whether you’re replacing cushions on a sofa, chairs, a camper, RV or outdoor furniture. You are investing in a money saving skill that can be tapped into time and time again.

My video tutorial goes through a detailed, step by step process of sewing a zippered box cushion cover. How to measure and fit any size cushion you would like to make a cover for. This tutorial teaches the easiest, tried and true method for sewing in a professionally place zipper. I cover how to make a cushion fit tight and with a decidedly professional look.

Corners can be tricky when making a cushion cover and it does take practice. Take your time and watch it done a few times first and it quickly becomes a whole lot easier.

The trick to corners are cutting easement notches with scissors as you go. Also, taking your time as you sew and rounding the stitch as you turn the corner.

Adding a ‘pocket’ where the zipper begins and ends will add a professional touch. It also allows adjustability when making the corners on your top and bottom panels line up perfectly.

The ‘zipper pocket’ has been omitted on this cushion. Leave yourself with options for your specific design and placement needs as you are sewing your box cushion covers.

Making a well fitting cushion cover:

Lining up the corners on a cushion can make or break the project. I like to use the side panel piece, folded one way and then the other to mark the corners in relation to both sides.

Corners and more corners. But this isn’t so difficult after you’ve watched it done a few times. Practicing on another non-essential pieces of fabric. This can help with any anxiety you might have with the sewing process.

Check and re-check how the pieces are lining up as you sew the final side on the project. This will save picking out seams because you rushed through the sewing without noticing your corners were way off. Fabric is malleable- it can be stretched or compressed. Work this fact to your advantage on a project like this.

After the corner, I use my ‘safety value’ zipper pocket to make sure that the sides line up and there are no puckers or unwanted pleats.

An abundance of patience is necessary on a project like this, but a great, tight fitting box cushion cover can be achieved with some gumption and the necessary acquired skills.

Cushion installation:

The box cushion covers in my video are installed in this 4-wheel camper and I follow the installation as we puzzle though the plan to connect the cushions and then adjust and tweak to make the plan work.

And finally, the finished cushions living in their new home. A place to chill and sleep wherever in the world you may roam.

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