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paper mache fabric bowl
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Paper Mache and Fabric Bowls P

I saw these paper mache and fabric bowls on Pinterest and something about the project appeals to me. It’s the recycling of fabric scraps that I love- which I happen to have in droves. Perhaps because it’s a project the teens might enjoy? And I love any excuse to play with paper mache. This is an excellent craft for kids. No sewing machine or needles needed. A pile of fabric scraps, glue and paper mache is all you need for creative practice and fun.

paper mache fabric bowls

fabric strap bowl
modge podge at its best

fabric bowl modge podge
fabric strip bowl

fabric basket
fabric baskets

paper mache and fabric bowl

paper mache and fabric bowls
Step 1 Make the paper mache shapes-

We made the paper mache bowl shapes, using the balloon method. Take a blown up balloon and cover it with newspaper strips dipped in “glue”. Make the “glue” by mixing flour and water together into a paste. Once the balloon (or other shape) is adequately covered, set the balloons aside over night. The paper mache will take about 6 hours to dry completely. 

While you are waiting for the paper mache to dry, get out your fabric scraps and start sorting. Cut fabrics into squares, rectangles, circles- whatever suits!

After letting the paper mache dry, pop the balloon and you have your bowl shape! 

Step 2 Sorting the fabric scraps-

Sorting the scraps feels like making a quilt. Many not-very-hard steps but a  time consuming, labor intensive process. So put Spotify on your favorite channel, gather up the troops and make it a party! We’ve got some Halloween theme ideas, polka dots, vintage fabric, Christmas. Show you soon!

For the next step on the paper mache and fabric bowls project look here.

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