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Craft Lake City 2013

craft lake city 2013
It’s going to be a jam packed, fun-busy summer weekend in Utah in just a couple of days. We’ve got the highly anticipated Craft Lake City 2013 DIY Festival, in it’s 5th year, in which I will be participating & pedaling my goods on Friday and Saturday. Then I’m off to Park City on Sunday for Park Silly Sunday Market AND to catch the final stage and finish of the Tour of Utah bike race… oh la la. So, if you’re anywhere near the vicinity of the beautiful Wasatch mountains- get out there and have some fun- do a little shopping, dine on delicious summer fare and oogle the boys in spandex riding past on bicycles at lightning speed.
A bit of a preview below-  some skirts I’ve been making for the upcoming markets showcased in an evening of goofing around, trying-to-stay-on-task modeling with my daughters. A couple of lawn cotton zippered skirts, a color block soft cotton skirt in green, two wrap around skirts and vintage altered dress into a skirt. Check back in my Etsy shop after the weekend for skirt listings.
noelle o designs skirts

The end of a great year, hello 2013!

snow skiingIn a nutshell (or a mosaic) this is what the final week of 2012 has looked like for me. A week on the snow, mostly teaching ski lessons, but an afternoon or two skiing with my family, and that makes it all worth it!

I’ve been teaching skiing and snowboarding for many years now, and while it’s fun, rewarding, and keeps me in good shape the best part is watching my kids grow up so close to the sport. They all started to ski when they were still in diapers, (I should clarify, about age 2- not 5 or 6- yikes!)  and it’s been good times ever since. With plenty of hot chocolate breaks, sitting in the sunny deck chairs, and skiing with friends over they years all 4 kids have stayed involved and still love the sport.  The payoff is an activity we can all do together, enjoying each others company and the great (sometimes chilly) outdoors. This means a lot when kids become teenagers and you feel your worlds moving apart.

And so my friends, before I try and warm my extremities after a 7 hours a day in freezing temperatures (tomorrow included), I’ll leave off with a resolution: I’ll dispense with the cliche- losing weight, exercising more, eating better and say what I, and I suspect others, really need to work on–> Relax, Be Positive, Less Anxious and Less Worrying all around. I think part of fixing the problem, for me,  is more days like today, playing with my kids. Create the moment then enjoy the moment.

Work hard, play hard. Don’t forget the play part, it’s easy to let this lapse and wear yourself out. Don’t forget a little play (whatever activity this may be for you) to round things out, enjoy the one’s you love and make life worth living! I’ve been leaving out the play part, compounding my issues and wearing myself out and I’m determined to change!

Have a safe and happy New Year’s Eve!


in which I put a bird on it

I finally sat down this past week and finished sewing this pile of tiny purse kits I put together awhile back.

And they’re finished, (if only it were that easy and fast…) the tiny purse collection- perfect for those times when you only need your wallet, phone and your choice of lip care product.

Sailing into the sunset, with only rick rack waves lapping against your hull. And on the purse in the back, a Alexander Henry skateboard fabric I’m just about out of- a bitter moment for a seamstress.


Love the pinks and orange together, on the smallest purse in the bunch.

My last swatch of a velvety floral fabric I love so much…with a bird on it.

Fantasy feathered friends.

I couldn’t help myself, I had to add Swarovski crystals to the eyes, I think this idea stems from the scene in Goonies where the kids find the dead pirate and all the booty… if you were a kid in the 80′s then you know what I’m talking about.

Then off to market, I’ve been peddling my wares at Park Silly Sunday Market in Park City Utah, a time or two this summer. This is yesterday- thanks shoppers!