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what’s not to love about an outdoor market?

So far this summer has been pretty chill, but it’s heating up fast…
I’ve gone and signed up for a few weeks of vending my wares at Park Silly Sunday Market, starting this week- June 10th (but also July 1st ,7th and August 19th).
As you can see- there’s a little something for everyone. I’d like to pop by that LuLuLemon yoga class, but on the main stage, really?
Anyway, if you’re in the neighborhood or will be in Utah at all this summer, be sure to schedule in a Sunday in the glorious mountain air of Park City. Street Fairs and Farmers Markets are to summer what peanut butter is to jelly… unless you’re allergic to peanuts- then have an egg salad sandwich. Hope you can make it!

Then… a week from today I leave with my eldest daughter (15 years 11 months old, that last distinction is extremely important…) to Cambodia for two weeks with Youthlinc, a Utah based humanitarian organization where we’ll roll up over sleeves/sweat buckets/get very dirty/dodge malaria (that last one may or may not be over-dramatizing…) to help build a school, install water filters, teach lessons in local schools (among many other things) as well as seeing the sights and learn the history of Cambodia- first hand. This has been nearly a year in the works and we’re thrilled to finally be on the brink of such an adventure.

If I had a ‘staff’ (like at Downton Abbey) then I’d be relaxing with a lemonade on the veranda while preparations were being made on my behalf– I can dream can’t I?  In reality- I’ll be running around like crazy for the next 7 days until I gratefully collapse into my economy class seat next to the lavatory.

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