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in which I put a bird on it

I finally sat down this past week and finished sewing this pile of tiny purse kits I put together awhile back.

And they’re finished, (if only it were that easy and fast…) the tiny purse collection- perfect for those times when you only need your wallet, phone and your choice of lip care product.

Sailing into the sunset, with only rick rack waves lapping against your hull. And on the purse in the back, a Alexander Henry skateboard fabric I’m just about out of- a bitter moment for a seamstress.


Love the pinks and orange together, on the smallest purse in the bunch.

My last swatch of a velvety floral fabric I love so much…with a bird on it.

Fantasy feathered friends.

I couldn’t help myself, I had to add Swarovski crystals to the eyes, I think this idea stems from the scene in Goonies where the kids find the dead pirate and all the booty… if you were a kid in the 80′s then you know what I’m talking about.

Then off to market, I’ve been peddling my wares at Park Silly Sunday Market in Park City Utah, a time or two this summer. This is yesterday- thanks shoppers!

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