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wonky quilt squares, part 2

The big reveal… the top of the wonky quilt is all finished. I really went heavy on the white space, like I said I would. It’s still being debated (with my spouse) whether or not I should add some other sort of detail or color to the outside, like pick out the seam between the white and the black and white outer border and add a thin strip of color to ‘put a box’ around the 4 squares or just leave it. I’m inclined to leave it- enough already. I think I’ll run it past the quilt guild ladies tomorrow- they’ll have some excellent ideas I’m sure.
blue and white wonky squares

blue squaresI truly love the white and black geometric ‘step by step’ Alexander Henry outer border fabric and in this setting. I’ve been hoarding the 2 yards I have of it for some years now. I’ve always pictured it as a summer skirt. Well, it seemed to fit well here so I grabbed the scissors and cut before I could change my mind.

step by step Alexander Henry fabric

abstract quilt square

close up of blue fabrics

mountain and quilt

blue fabric scraps

For a look at Part 1 and how to piece this type of squares, visit here.

Bonus feature: Here’s another finished quilt top, made by my 13 year old daughter… who was just playing around in the fabric strip scrap pile. I love to see the youngsters being clever and especially making entire quilts! Now we just need to get both quilt tops quilted and bound and placed on the end of our beds.
scrap quilt

colorful quilt top

scrap stripe quilt

wonky quilt block pattern, part 1

quilt with wacky squaresI just came across these squares… I had pieced them last summer using blue-themed scraps. Oh, how I dislike the unfinished project- it was haunting me, mocking me every time we crossed paths, so let’s see if I can make them into something useful this summer and do away with our uncomfortable encounters. Let’s try a wonky quilt block pattern idea I’ve got.

abstract squaresI was originally thinking about making them into a table runner. Something wasn’t quite right (or maybe it’s just me) the side by side layout (pictured above) wasn’t working or I just got bored of the project and I shelved the squares.

blue squares perspective quiltI like the squares better like this, all four together. But still, there needs to be some gaps, empty space to make the randomness intriguing and inviting- not frightening. It needs white, a contrast between the squares to set it off. It could use some flow and continuity amongst the 4 squares as well.

wonky squares ,log cabin quiltI do love the colors though, I think I’ve got an idea…

trimmed quilt squares First, I trimmed all of the square to the exact same size- 15.5 inch squares.

cut the square in halfI piled all the squares up on top of each other and cut them in half with a rotary cutter. Somewhat scary… so I just took a deep breath and cut.

cut the squares in half againWith the squares still stacked, I cut them in half again. Now each stack has a swatch from all 4 original squares, pre-selected for you if you want to keep things easy in the next step.

crazy abstract squaresTake the 4 stacks and lay them out into 4 new squares made from 1 of each original square.

abstract quartered quilt blocksSo far… all the blocks sewed back together again. I’ve got a plan for the next phase, stay tuned…

Look here for part 2!

high on a mountain top- mountain quilts

mountain quiltI traded a piece of art with an artist friend a few years ago- it’s been my turn to make good on my end of the deal and create a quilt. This is the art we’ve decided to collaborate on.

20130402-013819.jpgI started with a foundation of muslin, thinking I would piece the mountain using a foundation method. I had it all worked out in my head, it was going to be so easy and straightforward.

20130402-013831.jpgI dug out all the right fabric pieces in all solid colors. Another exciting and different element, I don’t generally work with all solids, but luckily I had an entire tub on hand from past projects.

20130402-013851.jpgThe progress I’ve made so far… After just 3 pieces built onto the foundation, I found myself picking seams out so I scraped the foundation plan and started just building color onto color. It’s taking me longer and with much more puzzlement than I had anticipated. But, a challenge is always good. Mountain quilts are beautiful- in any color combination or pattern- it’s the imitating of nature that’s so intriguing and breathtaking.

I’m going to have to walk away from the progress for the rest of the week- we’ve got some spring break fun planned. We’ll be going south, to Escalante Utah for an escape from IT all. Phew, a much needed break for everyone. Here’s to spring!

To see the finished quilt look here.