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wonky quilt block pattern, part 1

quilt with wacky squaresI just came across these squares… I had pieced them last summer using blue-themed scraps. Oh, how I dislike the unfinished project- it was haunting me, mocking me every time we crossed paths, so let’s see if I can make them into something useful this summer and do away with our uncomfortable encounters. Let’s try a wonky quilt block pattern idea I’ve got.

abstract squaresI was originally thinking about making them into a table runner. Something wasn’t quite right (or maybe it’s just me) the side by side layout (pictured above) wasn’t working or I just got bored of the project and I shelved the squares.

blue squares perspective quiltI like the squares better like this, all four together. But still, there needs to be some gaps, empty space to make the randomness intriguing and inviting- not frightening. It needs white, a contrast between the squares to set it off. It could use some flow and continuity amongst the 4 squares as well.

wonky squares ,log cabin quiltI do love the colors though, I think I’ve got an idea…

trimmed quilt squares First, I trimmed all of the square to the exact same size- 15.5 inch squares.

cut the square in halfI piled all the squares up on top of each other and cut them in half with a rotary cutter. Somewhat scary… so I just took a deep breath and cut.

cut the squares in half againWith the squares still stacked, I cut them in half again. Now each stack has a swatch from all 4 original squares, pre-selected for you if you want to keep things easy in the next step.

crazy abstract squaresTake the 4 stacks and lay them out into 4 new squares made from 1 of each original square.

abstract quartered quilt blocksSo far… all the blocks sewed back together again. I’ve got a plan for the next phase, stay tuned…

Look here for part 2!


  1. kalamitykelli

    June 5, 2013 at 6:16 pm

    I LOVE what you have done – its beautiful in all its wackiness! I’m changing how I follow you to Blog Lovin’ because I love it! Anyway, I didn’t want you to think I had stopped – just changed!

    1. NoelleOlpin

      June 8, 2013 at 9:19 am

      Kelli, you’re the best!

      Blog Lovin’ is so handy for streamlining the email inbox, although then I get stuck looking at blogs for waaay too long.

  2. wacky squares scrap quilt project | noelle o designs

    June 12, 2013 at 2:01 pm

    […] For a look at Part 1 and how to piece this type of squares, visit here. […]

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