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Beehive Bazaar handmade gifts, Provo Utah

I just want to shout out Thank You to all the handmade lovers out there who came to the Beehive Bazaar and supported local and handmade. I feel extremely thankful for everyone’s support of my stitchery. With over 50 local vendors this year the Bazaar was bigger and better than ever this December. We were tickled with the crowds of folks who showed up to shop it up.
It was amazing to see the support locals gave to the show, to handmade goods, to their fellow Utah residents. All of the artists involved put a crazy amount of time and effort into creating their wares- it’s nice when all your hard work pays off in the end.

Here are a few handmade gifts (for myself) I picked up at Beehive Bazaar this December:

Beehive Bazaar handmade gifts, Provo UtahYes, that 2 1/2 ft tall brown paper mache reindeer is standing on my hearth next to the wood stove. The kids want to ride it, and can’t stop staring at it and smiling. So cleverly made by Hiedi Blackwelder. I also took home a couple of the collage trees from the picture to be added to my growing collection of tiny, crafty Christmas trees made by Hailey Liechty.

Beehive Bazaar handmade gifts, Provo Utah Super cute little pockets wall hanging, my favorite part is that I don’t own any of the fabric it’s made out of. It may sound silly, but that’s huge for me.







Beehive Bazaar handmade gifts, Provo UtahAbsolutely hilarious ‘siblings with hamster heads’ photo collage art by Jami Schuur that will be hanging on my Christmas tree, and maybe somewhere else for the rest of the year.







Beehive Bazaar handmade gifts, Provo UtahDarling tiny snowman gourd made by Jeni Gochnour.








Beehive Bazaar handmade gifts, Provo UtahThis handmade felt kitty with so many amazing details AND on roller skates was snatched up before I could make up my mind, darn it. Dallas Russell– you always make the greatest little dolls.

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