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baby elvis costume
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Halloween Costume Gallery: Day 3

Halloween costume gallery elvis costume
Halloween Costume Gallery, Day 3: Baby Elvis, Cinderella, Baby Mary Queen of Scots.

One of the Family Costume Hall of Fame greats- the tiny Elvis costume. Oh so much work and oh so worth it.

Halloween costume gallery elvis costume
Elvis lives on, size 18 months old. Perhaps I should frame it?… It’s so funny even on the hanger.
If you like gluing crystals to fabric or making a big mess with black hair spray- then this is the costume for you. Or just sit back and laugh at the pictures.

Cinderella, per my daughter’s request. She wore this costume every day after Halloween, until it only came to her knees and completely fell apart. I think we have more pictures of her in this Cinderella dress than any other outfit- and perhaps even her wedding dress someday… but I hope not.

baby queen elizabeth costume

Queen Elizabeth, Mary Queen of Scots… you get the picture. The key was the collar and the red wig. When I couldn’t find a red haired Elizabethan wig in baby sizes (no… really?) In the end I made the red haired wig. I used a thin woven hat (closest to the hair color) and hot glued craft doll hair from the craft store to the hat. It worked out pretty good and she actually left it on (not an easy thing with a baby) and even without a piece of candy in her mouth and hand.
I had to have a little fun with Photoshop on this one. Someone cut up the picture and there aren’t any other copies out there. This costume is from 1997, and this little gal is 16 now. Time flies, and that’s no joke!

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