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Today is the last day of school in these parts. It came with the mandatory Alice Cooper soundtrack and the annual last day of school (in this case, last day of elementary school too) mohawk. He chickened out on the real, true mohawk (hair on the sides of your head shaved off) vanity perhaps? I think it’s cuz he hasn’t felt the full heat of the summer sun on his mop yet this year- it’s been a cold, rainy spring. I’m giving him a week or two before he’s begging me to shave off every last golden strand. So, nothing with a serious commitment on the noggin… but he did wear his homemade duct tape shorts.
Speaking of golden locks… M went for the ‘hippy’ look today. The headband and wavy (french braided all night) hair were an essential part of the look. I love the tights she dug out of the bottom of the drawer, they make me mourn for the days when the kids were little and I could dress them darling everyday. Now they just want to look like everyone else (for the most part). I guess the last day of school hippy outfit is a step toward standing out in the fashion world, hopefully always in a good way- throwing caution to the wind.

Another essential soundtrack for the last day of school. All kids- 8th, 6th, 4th grade and kindergarten graduates rolled their eyes when we put this clip from High School Musical 2 on- then watched the whole thing while tapping their toes. I hope they all start the “summer” whisper just before the bell rings today.

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