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easy teacher and neighbor gifts
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Easy Teacher and Neighbor Gifts

Here are a few great ideas for easy teacher and neighbor gifts. I’m always intrigued by what kids come up with when put to a crafty challenge. These gift tags were the brainchild of my 12 year old. Easy, fun and fast, it’s a great budget friendly gift project that has the added bonus of fostering creativity in your kids (and yourself). Use them on gifts you give or gift them in bundles. Put all that pre-Christmas kid angst to good use!

We went through the craft supplies and dug out: card stock, rubber stamps, markers, glitter glue, a hole punch, felt and the glue gun. Also embroidery floss, yarn, ribbon, twine or other sort of string to make ties.

Make a set of colorful tags by filling an an entire page of card stock with colorful geometric shapes, add glitter glue for sparkle and dimension. When the glue is dry, cut the paper into small rectangles. Punch a hole in the corner and stamp or write “To:” and “From:” on the back. Loop the piece of string (of your choosing) through the hole and tie a knot.

With felt scraps, cut out and create any shapes you can think up- Christmas-y or otherwise. (hint: customize tags with personalized interests or letters). Glue the felt to the card stock then use markers or glitter glue to add details. When dry, finish same as above.

And perhaps the easiest- incorporate rubber stamps. If you have a large collection of rubber stamps it’s time to put them to good use! Add color, glitter or glitter glue to your hearts content. Finish the same as above.

Place an assortment of your handmade tags in bags and pair with a treat, a plant or just by themselves- a handmade gift is always the best!


  1. kalamitykelli

    December 6, 2012 at 4:16 pm

    I’ll take 30 please! 🙂 Those are so cool looking!! Love them.

    1. NoelleOlpin

      December 8, 2012 at 4:58 pm

      Better watch out, we might have to send you some!

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