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new curtains

I made these curtains for the new sewing room a few weeks ago, from an Urban Outfitters panel. I was pretty happy with the way they were looking until I came across this fabric…

(sorry, another bad-ishly exposed picture, but I refuse to move old curtains back for another picture, if you know what I mean).

I stumbled upon “Brooke” by Alexander Henry at Joann’s, no less. Bonus– I can use my 40%-50% off 1 item coupon for Joann’s- all wise crafters and sewers keep in their pocketbook (am I wrong ladies?). 
I can’t stop loving the bright colors. I don’t know if I’d make curtains out of this fabric for the living room (OK, I might...) but my basement ‘honeycomb hideout’ was a perfect place.

Lookin’ so cute with my ‘Noelle O Designs’ puffy fabric letters logo my daughter Q made me for Christmas, great present huh?! She’s a clever one- came up with the idea on her own, and made one for her Dad too (that says Solpin Films…).

The walls are painted Beehive, Martha Stewart color from Home Depot. Subtly yellow/brown, it works well in a basement- and with curtains this bright.

The other curtains made the move into the newly finished basement family room, looking much better here, if you ask me. The walls are Index Card Green, another Martha Stewart color. This little kitchen has been in storage for a few years, when it came back home the kids were very happy, even though Q and F have to kneel down to make it the right size for them now. It’s most often a restaurant (The Banana Boat Cafe) but frequently a vet’s office or even a school.

I found this note stuck on the white board easel. Having your big sister act as your teacher and boss can get a little old… and then she rubs it in with this public post-it declaration- like it’s your fault.

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  1. Donelle Anderson

    January 23, 2011 at 5:22 am

    Reading about how your kids play restaurant reminds me of when you would babysit and you, me, Ashley and Precia would play hotel at my house and called it The Gusdavidson Hotel and you would make PB&J sandwiches in the hotel kitchen for room service!!

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