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Once again, I’m organizing. I’m frugally sorting through scrap bins and totes, walking down memory lane, and coming across a few surprises- fabric that have been give to me by those who know I sew and collect fabric, somedays- one more than the other. By the way- bring it on- I’ll be your Salvation Army drop box anytime. I came up with the saw horse idea yesterday.

I have all these scraps cut into various size strips all wadded up here and there, very hard to keep track of, or make use of. I needed some sort of display/storage system.

I’ve got this bit of space in the sewing room, by the sink, so I dragged this horsey from the garage and set to work.

It’s not very exciting, I suppose, in general… but it has been making me happy all day to see my sewing room get organized and to find what I’m looking for is delightful.

OK, now down to business-
To all you jokester/ April Fool pranksters out there- here’s the best prank I can think of… if you can pull it off, it’s bound to be talked about for years to come.
It’s the old dirty diaper trick, baby shower game. All you need is a fresh disposable diaper, chocolate bar and a microwave. Take the chocolate bar and melt it into the unused disposable diaper- be creative here folks- Snickers, Milky Way, Mounds etc. Then using your best acting skills, you can really gross someone out. Find the diaper, smell it, taste it- you get the picture. Good Luck.

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