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one more thing-

So just one banner, and then I’ll stop. I got the idea for the Swiss flag banners a few months ago about as I was thinking about Swiss Days, the cute little town of Midway, and how much I love flaggy things (makes everyday feels like a party) and all of that. It’s taken this long to finally get one put together.
I think I’ll make a few more for Swiss Days, maybe someone else wants to show some town pride or honor their heritage or perhaps they are on ski patrol, or they just love the Swiss flag. By the way, for all my neighbors who are wondering what could be next?  when is she going to put out her extensive collection of garden gnomes… it’ll skip it and sell them on ebay.  No really, I am Swiss, somewhere back on my mom’s side.

I promise when the flags get faded, I’ll take them down. If there is one thing I can’t stand it’s the faded Himalayan prayer flags that people leave up for-e-ver, hanging in tatters across their yard or porch. It reminds me of Miss Havisham’s mouldering wedding decor. Take it down people, I don’t care if the superstitious folklore prohibits removal, do it anyway and stop embarrassing yourself.

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