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a bit about journaling

I’ve always battled with myself over proper journaling. By proper I mean a ‘multitasking’ and inspirational journal. A place where all sorts of facts, stories, pictures, drawings, favorite bits of fabric- stuff that makes it a piece of art. A journal should be a book that makes you want to nostalgically sift back through your life and make you -at the very least- feel proud of what you’ve recorded. I’m talking Peter Beard journal (minus the blood and nudity). Other journal types I’m trying to avoid:
-The *yawn* I’m kind of bored Dougie Howser type diary, that’s easy enough to keep, just jot down the facts in an easy cursive script, turn off the light and go to sleep.
-Or, can any of us forget the brooding teenage angst-filled, hopefully-this-will-never-be read-ever-again-by-anyone-including myself but especially not my children diary. Wow, I mean I guess putting it in writing is better that holding all those hormone induced psychotic feelings inside but really, how embarrassing. In case you can’t tell, yes, I speak from experience.

So here is what I’ve got these days- lot’s of tidbits collected, attempts at drawing. I really want to be a better artist… and I know, cause I hear it come out of my mouth 20 times a day- I need to practice…

Movie stubs, kid art and tiny notes- see, you don’t even have to write anything…

Ahh, a page from the master. I must give credit where credit is due. My spouse is the ultimate of journal keepers- my hero. What I aspire to every day. His drawings are fantastic- he doodles constantly and does an excellent job of it.

More Steve O doodles, and a guest artist, I think our son F.

I’m always a better journaler on the road- less day-to-day distractions I think. Here is a page from a trip to Australia journal, a day at Surfer’s Paradise- add glitter for full effect.

Aussie and European trip archived journals, that’s a favorite piece of art we saw in Sydney by the artist Tatzu Nishi.

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