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today’s project

I picked up this headboard from the KSL classifieds, an indispensible resource when dispensing of unwanted furniture and such, or finding just what you need- used and affordable. It bridges the gap between garage sale and brand new if you know what I mean. I was looking for a manly bed for my 13 year old, not that easy to find in a world of scrolly, shabby chic or race car twin sized headboards.

I was after a dark gray, to cover up the aged laminate surface. The color on the lid isn’t the color I ended up with, as you can see. When the paint was wet, it was the color I was after- but dried, it was straight up primer (just like the can said). In hindsight, I might have just left it gray and put a clear coat over the top so the surface wasn’t so flat… but that’s hindsight for you.

Instead of leaving it gray or making yet another trip to the hardware store for the right color, I dug around in the garage, found two cans of black metallic paint and went for it. Sometimes just getting ‘er done is the most important thing.

Here is the intended destination, messy Marvin’s home…

Ahh, some more little shelves for Marvin to put all of his knick-knacks. The black will work out just fine, although I might have gone back to the hardware store… Finally, we’ve got treasures up on the wall too, and it’s only been a whole year.

I matted and framed these pictures a few months ago, in anticipation of finishing this space. The “Fischer Fest” poster is from our trip to Germany a few summers ago. We saw it hanging on an announcement board… came to a screeching halt… jumped out of the RV… looking around for trouble we picked out the staples holding the poster up for display and made off with the memento. (Side note: I believe it was August when we pilfered the poster, so nobody missed the event due to lack of advertising), good memories. The other poster is from Potter’s Press, a local Utah artist, who might not be so local anymore- I think he’s in grad school back east right now.

And now I’ve got peasant hands- worse than ever.

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