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Lego special moments

We decided to get a little silly with the Lego people and the tiny Christmas tree collection I seem to be growing. We had a lot of fun and got into only a bit of trouble with the kids for mixing and matching their ‘peoples’ hair, face, and clothing but I think they all got sorted back out in the end. I mean who wouldn’t want that brown-haired Conan O’Brian hair back?

Of the twins, Timmy was always better at styling his hair, and accessorizing.

They didn’t quite see eye to eye but Sheila didn’t care, she was taller than all the boys in the 9th grade.

“Wait, I think I hear someone coming… maybe it’s my mom. We’d better just hold hands.”

“On second thought- wipe that grin off your face, get up on your tiptoes and kiss me.”

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