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I can’t help but be intrigued and curious as I walk past sewing and tailoring shops here in Pursat Cambodia. This was a particularly lovely view into this seamstress’s (or seamster’s) work place but then you can also look in to the house behind. By the way every Cambodian has a least one hammock ready for napping on hot afternoons.
My Industrial Bernina from 1971 looks similar to this Singer workhorse.
20120623-212941.jpgWe visited the Sustainable Cambodia sewing workshop. The best part is that it was situated on a 2nd story covered patio with a view and a breeze- dreamy.
I think this is a older (than mine) serger, still working like a champ.

Making school uniforms for the student of Sustainable Cambodia.

One of the many kinds of purses they make and sell to keep great relief efforts like SC going strong.

This seamster came out to greet us. These men are both about 5’4″ tall making me feel like an amazon woman stand nearly everywhere in Cambodia.

Tomorrow we are off to a floating village and other sightseeing as we take a well deserved break from working hard all week- pouring cement for a foundation, building a fence, installing bio-sand filters and teaching children in the classroom. Let you know what I see tomorrow!

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