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wedding dress- dress up party

Tonight is our 12th annual Book Group Christmas Party. In the past we’ve added a ‘special aspect’ to the December Book Group such as a talent show, most-awesome-$5-gift-you-can-find gift exchange, pot luck dinner (we usually just have host-provided treats every month). Tonight– we wear our wedding dresses. We’ve been laughing about the possibility of such a party for awhile now, but tonight it plays out.

Here we are, October 1991, Los Angeles California, lookin’ so young. I love my mom in this picture, peeking over.
I dug my ‘made-it-myself’ dress out of storage last night to take a look at what has been folded up for 20 years-

BAHAHA! I guess I should still be happy I can still zip it up, or perhaps I’ve always been a bit pudgy- then and now. My kids thought it was hilarious but complimented my sewing skills (thanks ladies for calling it ‘professional’) it did take me months to make.

Then came the daughters turn… Q told me- no offense- but that she would probably not be wearing it when she got married. None taken, it’s a bit yellow and very 1990’s, just wait kids- puffy sleeves will be back sooner than you think. {That black and white dress I have on? A high school Winter Formal dress my mom made for me, I came across it in the same storage bin.}

And all the while, M pulled out her third ‘wiggly’ tooth this week. Pay up Tooth Fairy. Tooth-gap-tooth-gap-tooth-tooth-tooth-gap. Gross, but funny.

All I can say– is time flies. I had a moment while goofing around, when I thought back to the girl I was when I first wore my wedding dress and all of the dreams and aspirations I had of becoming a mother (among other things) and then standing side by side and holding my teenagers, 20 years later, in that same dress, my happy little people- now a reality- all as a result of that wedding day in 1991. Reflecting on life is amazing when moments like these come along.

Check back tomorrow to see how the wedding dress party goes… I can’t wait.

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