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paper mache and fabric bowl
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Halloween Fabric Bowl

Making a Halloween fabric bowl-

I started with a paper mache bowl shape made with a balloon. A balloon is covered with newspaper and a glue mixture. Make the glue by mixing together flour and water to make a paste. The newspaper is allowed to dry. Then the balloon is popped and a round shape is left behind.

Organizing the fabric-

The next step is preparing the fabric to be glued onto the bowl shape. Cut squares and rectangles from fabric scraps. Size is a matter of personal preference. But, the smaller the fabric pieces, the longer the project will take.

Halloween fabric bowl
Gluing the fabric to the paper mache shape-

I use a small, cheap paintbrush, about 1 inch in width. Put the Modge Podge in a disposable bowl to make it easier to spread onto the fabric. I use a healthy brushful of Modge Podge on the backs of all fabric pieces when sticking them to the paper mache.

Once the paper mache has been covered with the fabric, let the fabric dry overnight.  The whole bowl needs a top coat of Modge Podge inside and out too.  But I’ll wait overnight and let the fabric dry out completely first.

paper mache bowl
The Modge Podge I used is a gloss finish. So with a top coat it will all be very shiny which is a good thing for a bowl right?

Halloween fabric bowl

making a fabric bowl
The inside, a good place to put all your candy.

paper mache and fabric scraps
The Halloween fabric bowl turned out a very easy, slightly messy project. This is a great craft project for kids. No sewing machines or needles needed. Just lots of fabric scraps and painting with glue- what’s more fun than that? Upcycling fabric scraps is a very necessary skill in this day and age. Let’s keep textiles out of landfills and repurposed in creative ways.

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