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fabric scrap weaving project
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Fabric Scrap Weaving Project

This fabric scrap weaving project is a great way to recycle all of the fabric scraps that have been piling up around you! Starting with a Martha Stewart Crafts Knit and Loom Kit, I practice learning and demonstrating how to make a small trivet with home dyed fabric strips and then weaving them together into a placemat or rug. While not the quickest project, it’s very simple and a great project for kids or any eco-minded individual. Let’s keep textiles out of the landfills and living the next chapter of their lives.

loom weaving

I use all fabric scraps for this project. Collecting selvages from Spoonflower printed fabric, I then dyed the fabric into batched of all colors. No fabric left behind.

fabric scrap weaving project

Have an abundance of time on your hands this month? Perfect- this project is very easy but time consuming. Get a good audiobook or podcast playlist ready and weave it up!

Martha Stewart Knit and Loom Kit

This project looks great with solid colors but any combination of printed fabric would be stunning. Especially good as individual trivets or placemats.

fabric scrap weaving project

I wove individual pieces of fabric, about 1/2 inch wide (1-2 cm). This made the finished project fairly thin. Because of the lack of thickness, these would be best used as together as a rug or placemat. To make a hot pad or trivet, use multiple strips of fabric to make the project thicker and more heat resistant.

weaving fabric scraps DIY

Combined smaller projects into placemats, a rug or anything else you can think of. This fabric scrap weaving project has inspired me to weave more and bigger, until all the discarded textiles have been repurposed!

fabric scrap weaving project
fabric scrap weaving tutorial

Here’s another non-stitched crafty, upcycling scraps project to check out- paper mache and fabric bowls.

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