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Fabric Pumpkin Easy Sewing Project

fabric pumpkin DIY
The part I love most about this fabric pumpkin easy sewing project is the 100% usage of fabric scraps- if you’re so inclined. I am always looking for ways to use up the never ending heap of scraps of all sizes on my sewing room floor. The pattern piece sizes required for this project are such that you need look no further than the scrap pile- for the entire project. Amen.
fabric pumpkin easy sewing project

This tutorial goes through the step by step process of making your own pattern- for the pumpkin size you would prefer- to sewing, stuffing and all the way through all of the details in finishing the pumpkin.

sewing a fabric pumpkin

This fabric pumpkin easy sewing project is great for learning how to sew. A great introduction to using a sewing machine on a smaller project.

sewing tutorial pumpkin
how to make a fabric pumpkin
This is an excellent project for using up scraps or small pieces of fabric you currently have in your stash for creating the pumpkin shape and also upcycling tiny fabric scraps for use in stuffing the pumpkin.
fabric pumpkin sewing tutorial

Use your creative mind to come up with options on all of the elements in this project. I challenge you to use what you have and purchase nothing for this project!

For this project you will need:


  • sewing machine
  • glue gun
  • fabric scissors
  • hand sewing needles, thread
  • ruler, paper scissors
  • pumpkin pattern (see below)


  • various fabrics
  • plastic craft pellets, dried rice, beans, corn etc.
  • soft stuffing and or fabric scraps
  • twine, yarn, embroidery floss, thin ribbon etc. (for fabric details)
  • felt and fabric for constructing leaves
  • small piece of wood (or rolled up felt etc.) for the pumpkin stem
free printable fabric pumpkin sewing pattern

Once you’ve caught the bug for making fabric pumpkins I betcha can’t make just one. They’re so easy to make and match and make some more. Thanks for following along and Happy Halloween!

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