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paint and glitter pumpkin makeover
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DIY paint and glitter pumpkins

halloween decor ideas

Here’s a quick and easy DIY- Paint and Glitter Thrifted Pumpkins, that’s great for anyone with a short attention span and a love of glitter. This project takes about 30 minutes (paint drying time included) so gather up your basic pumpkins and let’s get started!

paint and glitter pumpkin makeover

You will need:


paint (any color)


glitter (any color)

newspaper or other paper to keep the mess contained


plastic spoon

spray adhesive

how to paint a pumpkin

To keep the mess in check I used leftover packing paper (from helping a friend move) but newspapers would work great too.

easy DIY paint and glitter pumpkin

For the full tutorial watch this quick video for the DIY process of how to paint and glitter thrifted pumpkins from a charity shop, thrift store or craft store just in time for Halloween and/or Thanksgiving. Easy holiday decor DIY- you can give old fall decor a new look by repurposing pumpkins with color and glitter of course.

It’s a great, easy DIY project for kids or beginners looking to learn the art of upcycling.

For more Halloween project ideas check out this pumpkin sewing tutorial.

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