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bicycle cake
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Bicycle cake party

bicycle cake party

A bicycle cake party is requested by the birthday boy. A bike cake is fairly easy to make with collecting ingredients in pre-preparation. By this I mean, have the cake in mind and a list of candy you’d like to use before shopping. Use one 9×13 cake cut with a template and the extra pieces fitted on for saddle and handlebars. The frame of the bicycle are made with cut up Airheads candy. The seat and handlebars are made with Airheads Extremes rainbow sours. The wheels, spokes and bicycle chain are made with various licorice colors and varieties. Chocolate filled rock candy go under the wheels.

bicycle cake party

Bicycle cake party

Our little Fischer turned 9 this week. He requested a bicycle party, with all of his friends on Saturday. We of blocked off the street in front of our house and had a bike rally/street party that went on all day. The party went on long after most of the young guests had been picked up. The weather held up perfectly, sunny and in the 50’s. Of course, he needed a bicycle cake for the event and I was happy to oblige. His dad was very obliging when it came to bike tricks. Dad sacrificed his body for the picture, allowing Fischer to jump him. By some miracle, I captured the moment with the camera.

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  1. steph

    February 20, 2007 at 9:35 pm

    Good Job on the cake! It is so cute and so yummy. Such a fun party on a gorgeous day. Thanks to the O’s

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