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yoga for elephants

yoga for elephants
This is crazy- but, before October I had never practiced yoga. ever. I thought yoga for elephants was the extent of it. I am not a gym girl. I have never had a gym pass, I don’t do classes, not to mention I live 20 minute drive to the nearest gym so I would rather just run, bike or swim- leaving straight from my house and cherish that extra 40 minutes of sleep. Then when a friend mentioned that a tiny dance studio just minutes from my house was offering yoga a few morning a week- I decided to give it a try. Well…I LOVE YOGA SO MUCH. I feel fabulous, I wish it was every day for 2 hours. (I suppose I could do yoga at home with a DVD, but that sounds even worst than going to the gym) It’s the whole mind- body- spirit thing that feels so good.
Steve O has even taken a few mornings off from swimming to yoga. The winter workout routine gets so boring so fast- we needed to mix it up. After so many years of just running, cycling etc. I am so happy to have added yoga. And, who would have guessed a non-class going gal like me would love my yoga teacher, but I do. Thanks Val.
yoga for elephants
We have had this book for a few years, Babar’s Yoga for Elephants and the kids love it. Every time we read it the kids have to do all the poses as we go. Now, I finally know the poses personally, I join in the practice but I still feel like an elephant on some days.

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  1. lex

    December 10, 2007 at 2:29 am

    I love yoga too, but that book, oh my goodness, I love it!

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