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2008 Polar Bear Plunge

polar bear plunge
“Brave swimmers frolic in the water after jumping off the pier during the 10th annual Polar Bear Plunge at the home of artist Gary Price in Springville on Tuesday. At left, 9-year-old Fischer Olpin steams in the cold air after a swim. Participants start off the new year with a winter dip at the Springville pond, fondly called the Price Family Peace and Meditation Garden, on the Price family property. Price’s tradition holds that plunging oneself into the New Year’s waters signals a new beginning.”

Here is the blurb from yesterday’s Deseret News. The kids and Steve O did the Polar Bear Plunge for the 9th year running. I was skiing and missed the fun. The fun of watching and cheering but not jumping in, cold water, especially freezing cold water, is not my thing. The kids are amazing, I can’t believe they want to jump in too. Wow. Following in their father’s crazy footsteps.

polar bear plunge
And…on the front cover of the Daily Herald yesterday- just under the “Mob Burns Kenyan Church” headline is this picture of Steve O, crazy cold water swimming father and husband- exiting the water. Here is the link to the full article.

For some extended ice water swimming fun a few years later check out Ice Hole Swimming on Steve O’s YouTube channel The Talking Fly.


  1. steph

    January 3, 2008 at 9:42 pm

    I love fischer,all steamy and cold! Very brave!!

  2. Michelle

    January 10, 2008 at 2:41 pm

    What a brave family! I can barely get my kids to get dressed after a bath. “I’m too cold Mom!” Gads.

    I’d never heard of this fun tradition right here in my backyard. Fun! The picture of Fischer is priceless. He’ll have bragging rights for life and a picture to prove it.

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