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Millicent the Monster childrens’ book

The show on Radio West today was called: The Book Bizarre, “A list of bizarre books for this most foolish of holidays. From fake works like the book on silence – consisting of entirely blank pages – to serious tomes with titles like “Inquiry into the Medicinal Value of the Excreta of Reptiles,” our team of local booksellers has seen it all.”

I throughly enjoyed this episode, I found myself madly scribbling down titles authors and publishers, and reminiscing on books I’ve already read (Geek Love by Katherine Dunn) Then someone mentioned the publisher Harlin Quist and the children’s books they published in the 70’s. When “Millicent the Monster” was mentioned it was like I suddenly stepped back in time. I’ve had pictures from this book in my head all my life but have never been able to put any words or a title to the book the pictures came from. Finally all my memories came together into an organized place. I found a copy online and now I’ve got it back again. A bit crazier than I remember but a bit of crazy is what makes any book, especially childrens’ books so good.

Now if I could just find some more info on Iris the Virus- a kids TV show from back in the day. Anyone recall it?

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  1. Bridget

    April 1, 2008 at 10:01 pm

    I love funny kids books and finding new one too. I will have to listen to the broadcast tonight on the repeat. Thanks!

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