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Could there be a better beach to learn to surf? Doheny is our favorite, just south of Dana Point Harbor- and just a bike ride away. The little waves roll in all day, no black ball- you can surf all day. Foam boards are also a wonderful invention- inexpensive, buoyant and virtually harmless to those in the water around you (we found this out the hard way).

And while I’m singing praises… thank goodness for the waterproof camera (Olympus Stylus Tough) for being able to capture these close up images. Great picture- way to go Steve O.

And this gal couldn’t love surfing more. She spends hours on end in the water, despite the coldish water (what is up with the water temp. this summer So Cal?), sans wetsuit, ready to catch the next wave. You go girl!

From these pictures it looks like we have the beach to ourselves- this is not at all the case- and part of the fun. Folks of all ages spend the day learning to surf, teaching their kids- having a blast. It’s good fun watching everyone- tandem surfing, grandpas styin’ it up but especially the little kids in their tiny wetsuits paddling around on longboards, shredding the waves.

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