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Mancebo on tip-toe

Here are the winners of Stage 4 Tour of Utah– on the podium (l to r) Tanner, Lill, Leipheimer, Mancebo, Boswell. The stage was a criterium, a one mile course up and down Main Street in Park City. Lots of climbing- over and over and over again for the patient/exhausted/hard-working riders, good observing for us cycling fans.

Dinner was wood-fired pizza at Cafe Galleria in Midway on the way back home. Oh how I love pizza piled with non-traditional pizza toppings (this pizza was topped with pesto, chicken, zucchini, arugula, pine nuts and maybe a few other delicious tidbits I can’t think of now…).

Round it out with some dessert at the newly opened “Fill’er Up Coffee Station” also in Midway. Yummy baked goods, ice cream, coffee, tea and (sandwiches are coming soon… like for Swiss Days on Labor Day weekend.) The atmosphere on the patio is delightful, meander through the hollyhocks to find a hidden table and enjoy your treat.

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