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Sound of Music drapery costumes

Years ago, when the internet was a baby and no one was blogging (2000ish, I think) we went to a Sound of Music sing-a-long at Sundance. We wanted to participate, Rocky Horror Picture Show dress-up-and-run-around-on-stage-during-your-scene style, so I sewed us up some play clothes/curtain costumes just like Maria.

Thinking economically and in a bit of a rush (as I recall now) I didn’t try and match the movie costumes exactly (more of a green fabric) but just went for the goofy upholstery/drapery fabric look. Here we are, all of the Von Trapp children in our winning stage moment- Gretel, Kurt, Marta, Brigitta, Louisa, Friedrich and Liesel, and Captain Von Trapp too. If you remember Gretel has a hurt finger in the movie, the real broken arm on Gretel during our stage moment was a big hit.
These costumes have been in storage all of these years. Because they need to be worn all together to bring the full effect and none of my kids have been interested in taking part in such silliness for Halloween- we have never worn them again.  I set them out at the yard sale (about a month ago) and the Warren family here took full advantage of their purchase over this past weekend. I heard this picture was taken at the end of their performance… even better.  Way to bring back the curtain costumes guys!

For more photos, look here.

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