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better than Christmas

It looks (literally) like the basement is finally finished. Here is my blank canvas- my sewing/craft room that I can’t wait to move into. Whew, what a job-  I’m feeling giddy with possibility, I can’t remember what I chucked into boxes months (and years) ago, one of the only time a hazy memory is a good thing…

Ahh… the closet. This space should store everything crafty or sewing related. Perhaps more… but I’m not counting on it. Now, if I can just get up enough energy in my sore limbs and hands to carry in all the boxes from the garage and about 42 trips from the storage unit.

The kids finally have their kitchen back. I built this kitchen in 2002 for Christmas,  this isn’t a very good picture of the front side, but the kids insist on keeping it turned to face the wall, and I am just a customer in this picture. We put the play kitchen in storage 2 years ago when we put our Springville house on the market.
 Every once and awhile the kids would wistfully speak of their kitchen and all of it’s accessories- dreaming of the reunion they would have someday. 
This week all were reunited,  they part now only for school and to sleep. It’s become ‘The Banana Boat Cafe’, where many in the neighborhood regularly dine for the excellent food and extemely professional staff.

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