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how to use fabric scraps

uses for fabric scraps

stacks of cut fabric circles

I hear this expression all the time, “thou shalt not waste any piece of fabric…”. OK, maybe it’s just when I’m talking to myself but still, it’s a good principle to live by. See all the fun you can have with tiny pieces of fabric? So here are some ideas on how to use fabric scraps.

uses for fabric scraps

You can make all sorts of colorful things with scraps like these if you just put your mind to it. Here are some purses I’ve put circles on but I’ve been dreaming about putting circle scraps on the bottom ( or top) of curtains, into quilt designs or simply sewn across and all together as a garland. Zero waste my friends, it’s a worthy goal. Here is the excellent and easy purse making tutorial that I used to make the purses shown below (with just the single strap alteration).

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