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a nappy bag

Just finished this specially ordered diaper bag for a local gal. I haven’t made any bags since the move.  I had to fumble around the new sewing room looking for all the elements of bag making for quite awhile before I got everything organized, lots of muttering “now, where did I put those… magnetic snaps, zippers, straps and hardware, plastic canvas…” going on.
I’ve been recently deciding to mix up the fabrics and colors on the outside of the bag, no more “party in the back, business in the front”—> now it’s party everywhere/all the time.
This canvasy striped fabric on the inside is super duro, for outdoor furniture I think. You could probably wipe it all down with a wet cloth daily if necessary. Like if your precious little one spit-up in there, baby food spill, diet coke mishap, dirty nappy temporary storage…  


  1. VaLene Hulme

    March 10, 2011 at 5:13 am

    I usually used those terribly ugly free diaper bags from the hospital. Wish you had made those back in the day. Super cool. Millie LOVES her school messenger bag that you made.

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