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tiny house week: thursday

OK, maybe not the tiniest house, but way up there in ‘quaint’ points. Straight out of a fairy tale,  I think I just saw Hansel and Gretel walk by…

I used to turn my nose up at all of the Swiss scenes and folk art flowers freely painted on shutters and houses everywhere in this town, like the one above. 
Well, I’ve changed my mind (not cheesy but charming!) and turned over a new leaf. My new attitude is, if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. Yes, I’m doing it, putting folk-artsy-flower-painted shutters on my very own house. I’ve got the paint and the shutters all ready to go. The minute it stops raining (and snowing) I’m gonna get started. Pray for sunshine and warmth so that I too can have my own fairy tale looking cottage with bikes, skate boards and scooters parked all over the front lawn.

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