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back to the grind

Why do vacations and holidays fly by so fast? One minute you’re anticipating five glorious days off from school, schedule and routine and then the next thing you know… it’s over, period. end of story.
We spent the holiday in Escalante UT, at my Mom’s B&B, Slot Canyons Inn, about as far away from Black Friday and any retail establishment as you can get- although the tiny Skyhoopi thrift store in town did have a Black Friday sale, teeheehee.

Oh well, it was five fantastic days. We ate too much, relaxed, enjoyed family and friends, hiked around and then ate some more (but boy, was it delicious). Of course, we lit up the North Creek Grill’s wood fired pizza oven (adjacent to the Slot Canyons Inn), every single night AND of the two turkeys we cooked (one in the wood fired oven and the other in a indoor electric roasting oven) for the actual Thanksgiving meal the wood fired turkey was noticeably moister and more delicious.

Just like the inevitability of your vacation disappearing right before your eyes is the compulsory after-hours/holiday doctor visit which seems to be the only time my children need stitches or a throat culture or surgery and a cast. This time it was strep throat, poor gal and an hour drive to the nearest medical clinic (which ended up being the Panguitch Hospital emergency room) to confirm my motherly suspicions.

That meant two hours in the car and two extra trips through Red Canyon… it could have been worse.

We helped with a few chores, and tried to get our hands on the longhorns.

Stinky getting a drink.

Don’t turn your back on this guy… he will ram your right in the butt when you are least expecting it.

Modified log cabin quilt square, my mother-in-law made this quilt for my mother.

This quilt hangs in the lobby of the Slot Canyons Inn, brilliant colors.

When you go on vacation and leave your dog with a dog sitter, this is what your might get when you return.

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