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bunny love

Fourteen tiny ceramic carrots my friend Hailey made for me, I need to hang them up- in a garland, perhaps a wind chime, sew them into some kitchen curtains, buttons on a spring coat? Instead of utilizing them in any way I just keep arranging and rearranging them in tactilely soothing trance.

Knolling the carrots-

Playing paparazzi with the carrots-

Speaking of carrots… got some bunny artwork hung up, a Christmas gift from my dear spouse, by Anna Tillett. The ceramic mask is a treasure I brought home from a trip we took to Greece, a Greek artist whose work I hunted in shops until I could find a piece affordable and small enough to fit in my suitcase.I wish I could remember the name of the artist so I could stalk them online.
Good luck with your Friday the 13th, and your long MLK weekend.

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