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weekend in desert country

Back in the car for another road trip, a mere 5 hour drive (one way) this time, we’ve headed to the southern Utah desert for a few fabulous days at grandma’s house which is also a bed and breakfast (Slot Canyons Inn) and ranch in Escalante Utah.  20120804-220828.jpg
Sunflowers soaking up the desert sun.
I came eye to eye with these sunflowers, as big as my head and just waiting for a close up.
Baby girl and Uno with their hunky blonde boyfriend Dallas.
Apple laden trees, sourly delicious- give them another week and they’ll be perfectly ripe.
Meet Ghost face, my favorite longhorn in the herd.
The steer- names Q-tip, a real tough guy and only 2 years old.
Mountain sheep, Thelma and Louise, hiding among the rocks.

Playing in the waterfall- a perfect sneaky shelf for the movie moment of hiding behind the waterfall.
A late afternoon tiny flash flood- glad we swam earlier. While this much water isn’t going to wash you away, it sure was smelly and nasty.

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