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Messengers of Peace

20120820-152355.jpgRemember these fabrics from my trip to the garment district in LA about a month ago? Well, I’ve put them to good use and made up a few messenger bags. Here’s how they turned out:
I truly love both of these fabrics. They would look good in a couch/pillow combo as well.

The striped bit of fabric is a sleeve for stowing your waist strap when not in use.

The inside, mixing up the colors and patterns.

20120820-152445.jpgThis picture doesn’t do this fabric justice, it’s a bright orangy-red color, I’m embarrassed to say I don’t even know what type of fabric it is (the official name for it)- heavy, upholstery weight, yet soft- is all I can come up with. I think you’ll agree, the built in clock is very handy for the time obsessed.

Built-in strap sleeve- camouflage style.

This bag got snatched up this past weekend at Park Silly Sunday Market, I snapped a quick picture before kissing it goodbye. It went to a good home, (I interviewed her before finalizing the adoption) just kidding, it wasn’t quite that serious but I had to make sure she was sufficiently in love and appreciated the vintage barkcloth details before I let it go.

Goodbye little messenger, enjoy your new home.

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