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A vintage dress for Homecoming

20120924-112100.jpgMy daughter picked out this pattern from my collection for her homecoming dress, just fine as I’ve been interested in giving it a try. Blue taffeta for the fabric, pretty easy to work with and washable too.

20120924-112125.jpgThe tough part- getting those scallops to work and lay flat with no puckers when all is turned right side out.

20120924-112150.jpgWay too big on the first fitting, hmm…

The amount of changes needed necessitated remaking the entire bodice, but using the original skirt.  The main adjustment was to the middle of both bodice pieces, I removed about 3/4 of an inch from (both the front and back) the original size 20 pattern for the size 8 gal I was making the dress for. The remake actually worked out well- especially because it allowed me to improve my scallop neckline. Practice makes perfect.

A much better fit the second time around. Darling!

Thank you Pinterest for so many hair ideas, and the final choice.
Blooms, Julia Smith florals, we couldn’t help ourselves but set up a photo shoot. With a willing posse of teens dresses to the nine’s and gorgeous fresh flowers- why wouldn’t you?

Watch the video here.

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