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with a needle in hand- unique embroidery ideas

I’ve been loving unique and artistic embroidery lately, I think I blogged about it last week too. I can’t seem to help myself, it’s so intriguing, inspiring and the wilder the subject matter the more fun it seems. I seem to be drawn to simplistic or fanciful designs. Here are a few favorite unique embroidery ideas, with many, many more on my Pinterest board.
leila montero, unique embroidery ideasLeila Montero, brilliant work and I love the drawing under the stitching which always seems to add depth and interest to a piece of art.

embroidery drawing, unique embroidery ideasMummysam these portraits are the best, whimsical and unique and once again mixed media making the subject matter and art more interesting and adding depth.

queen embroidery, unique embroidery ideasPlays With Needles with a portrait of the Queen of England. Generally I don’t care for celebrity stuff and watching the Royals with a scrutinizing eye seems so desperate but this piece is just so unique as far as embroidery ideas and well done in the details and I’ll admit it- I have been paying more attention because I want to dress just like Kate Middleton. Once again, here’s proof of my dedication to her fashion choices.

needlework, unique embroidery ideasAna Botezatu THIS critter is beyond amazing and unique and I want to think more like this- who cares if it makes sense as long as you’re letting the creativity flow.

embroidery sampler, unique embroidery ideas39 Squares A goal of mine showcased right here- to stitch something, anything everyday in a journal of unique embroidery ideas and keeping the mind and fingers fresh.

sarajo frieden, unique embroidery ideasSarajo Frieden And so we finish with another mixed media piece that can only bring a smile to ones’s face. Fantastic ideas all around.

Happy Friday, have a great weekend!


  1. kalamitykelli

    March 3, 2013 at 3:25 pm

    Ha! I love all the hair-do work – isn’t it just the coolest? The lady who made the Queen’s piece is just beautiful and the one who seemed to have sussed up a child’s artwork is something I would like to do when Rocket starts drawing – but for some reason, the 39 squares is my favorite!

  2. NoelleOlpin

    March 4, 2013 at 3:52 pm

    I hear ya on the 39 Squares, I want to make a ‘sampler’ like that with a different tiny design for every day of a month, couldn’t I commit to something a simple as that??

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