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Backpacking Coyote Gulch

Our spring break story…
20130408-135339.jpg I took the kids backpacking into Coyote Gulch in Escalante Utah, one of the most beautiful places on earth, a spot I’ve been backpacking before- but not the kids, not yet at least.

20130408-135356.jpgWe joined some friends and went into the canyon through ‘Crack in the Wall’, a new entry point for me. It took some lowering of backpacks with ropes and then shimmying through a narrow gap to get down to the canyon floor.

20130408-135424.jpgBeginning with Stevens Arch (I believe) there are beautiful arches every few miles, one of the spectacular features of this hike.

20130408-135443.jpgJug Handle Arch

20130408-135454.jpgJacob Hamblin Arch, the most famous of the Coyote Gulch line up.

20130408-135510.jpgOhh and a natural bridge too.

20130408-135607.jpgThe Escalante River meanders it’s way through the canyon, cascading over waterfalls.

20130408-135624.jpgThe leaves were out on the Aspen trees and buds appeared on the other foliage. We were about a month too early to see all the desert flowers in bloom.

20130408-135648.jpgAnd a bit early for swimming, only about 70 degrees (air temp) for a high. We enjoyed the waterfalls from a distance, with just our feet in the water.

20130408-135714.jpgAhh… sleeping in the sand, great for kids and the weary Ambien induced traveler. The star gazing was phenomenal with moon light casting shadows on the cliff walls.

20130408-135730.jpgBackpacking breakfast of champions- hot chocolate and oatmeal, on a rock shelf table.

20130408-135807.jpgRock shelf table (1st night) better than sandy floor/tiny rock table (2nd night). But it’s-all-good, just happy to be camping along side a beautiful arch.

20130408-135828.jpgTeens, all in a row, heading back across the slick rock after a fantastic few days in the great red rock outdoors.

So, now it’s back to real life and work and lots of sand covered laundry. But we’ve got a head full of magical memories we’ll never forget!


  1. Steph

    April 10, 2013 at 5:41 pm

    This looks like such a great trip! I love it…so much! We need to go with you guys so the teens have someone besides us. I have been missing wild spaces, believe it or not!

    1. NoelleOlpin

      April 10, 2013 at 8:34 pm

      We definitely need to go! Steve O was bummed he missed it and Q has never done it either. I feel like I know my way around that canyon pretty well now too.
      The teens definitely need someone to ‘play’ with and show off to when out in the wild.

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