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wool roving making felt balls
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Making wool felt balls

wool roving making wool felt balls
making felt balls

I love the way these felt balls turn out, although making wool felt balls turned out to be quite labor intensive. Perhaps because I lost the instruction paper in the heap of papers that come through this house on a daily basis, so I had to go from memory on how to make them. Anyway, watching a 90 minute movie last night I got 5 made. I used the technique of taking the wool roving in hand, adding soapy hands and water then rolling and rolling until a nice tight ball is formed. This sounds so easy but is in fact exhausting.

making wool felt balls
large wool felt balls

I’ve been very excited about the prospect of making felt balls, and what I can make with them. But, I’d better pick up the pace if I want to do anything last minute Valentine-ish with them. It makes me wish I had a giant bowl or basket in all colors and sizes, just to put on the table…but at my pace making felt balls in that number could take all year.

felt circles, making wool felt balls

Maybe I’ll stick with wool felt circles. Infinitely easier to make and still so cute, right?

 wool felt squares

Scraps of wool felt cut into tiny squares. Not to be wasted, these are tiny but still good for tiny projects like a tiny garland.

wool felt squares
making a tiny wool garland

Making a tiny garland with squares or circles using this video tutorial.

Other felt project ideas

wool felt wreath tiny felt balls

Small wool felt wreath I picked up at a local craft fair. I added the tiny felt balls for a bit of color but to be hung for all occasions.

Felted afghan, found at the thrift store and since it was all wool, making throwing it into the washer and felting it added the possibilities of remaking it into something else.

Felt flower bouquet made by a friend. The flowers look complicated but probably easier than making wool felt balls. Thank goodness wool felt balls are very easy to purchase and don’t need to be handmade.

making felt balls

The beauty of wool, yarn, roving, felt balls, felted wool, wool felt- all so lovely- bringing color into daily life.

Check out my felt hearts & beaded magnets tutorial here.

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