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baby doll face plate
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baby doll face plate

doll face plate
My friend made this baby doll face plate for me last year. It hangs on the wall in my kitchen, above the stove. I love the comments some visitors come up with when verbalizing their personal feelings about the upcycled baby doll face plate. They either love it or they wonder why is that crazy plate hanging on the wall, and in the kitchen of all places?!
My kids and I like to joke about what it would be like to be eating a heaping mound of pasta off this plate and then make the startling discovery of a baby face half way thru your meal.

A great, clever way to recycle baby dolls – just the doll head in fact and create a piece of art while you’re at it. Attach the head to a plate or other surface for a startling effect on your friends, family, art patrons, strangers…

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